Marx and Dorris laughing at Red Lodge, Montana
            Reinhold and Dorris

       a memoir of two lives in nebraska
                                           with pictures and stories

As you may have heard, Reinhold Marxhausen passed peacefully away in Seward Nebraska during Easter Vigil on April 23, 2011 following an evening surrounded by his family.

Various blogs, websites and social media have posted information and images connected with Reinhold. This website, set up some time ago but never completed, will be used to link to resources already online, and to post unique resources and information. Among these resources are 16mm film footage of Reinhold and his family dating back as far as 1933 and including his service in the Phillipines in WW II.



  • My Time Is Ford Times - Reinhold's firsthand account of how a magazine illustration job helped bring him to Concordia in 1951.
  • Swede Goehner's Farm - account not only of the Swede Goehner farm event but of Reinhold's response to his call to Concordia.


16mm Family Films

Feature Films

These films were funded by Banker's Life Nebraska (now Ameritas) and donated to NETCHE for distribution to member organizations. These films were converted to DVD for a special showing previous to Reinhold's passing, and the Marxhausen family is making them viewable as Flash movies from our site. They may not be reproduced, copied or converted. NOTE: Thanks to the awesome free Flowplayer video player, these can now be viewed with full controls over playback.

Additional Video

These are from a variety of sources, in some cases converted from film to VHS to digital.

Document Archive

Reinhold and Dorris generated a tremendous volume of correspondence, documents, signs and cards, and more, filling file cabinets and covering walls. The Marxhausen family has been processing this material, filing it, and digitally scanning it for archival purposes. Because we can't at present know how far our family will get in organizing and curating these materials, at a minimum we want to make the raw scans available on line for purposes of research. Not all file or directory names are thoroughly descriptive at present. All these materials are copyrighted by the Marxhausen estate and may not be published or re-used without written permission from the family or the estate. That said, you are welcome to read these.

Marxhausen Archive